Welcome to ECSC 2023 in Bratislava!

Slovak Organisation for Chess Composition is honored to invite solvers, composers and friends of chess composition to the 16th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC)!

The ECSC will be held from Friday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 4 at the Falkensteiner Hotel, Pilárikova ulica 5, 811 03 Bratislava

Falkensteiner Hotel☆☆☆☆ Bratislava

Activities within ECSC

  • ECSC, 1st and 2nd day – Director Marko Klasinc (SI), Axel Steinbrink (DE)
  • Open solving tournament – Director Marián Križovenský (SK), Axel Steinbrink (DE)
  • Baltic Combined – Director Oto Mihalčo, Slovakia
  • Blind solving – Director Ľubomír Širáň, Slovakia
  • ECSC composing TT for helpmate in two – Judge Juraj Lörinc, Slovakia
  • JT 90 Formánek composing tournament – Judge Bedrich Formánek & Ladislav Packa, Slovakia
  • Walking tour to the old town (around one hour)

For more details about the program see the list of competitions, and the schedule.


Room prices at Falkensteiner hotel (breakfast, wifi, and wellness included):

  • Single € 99 per room per day (plus city tax €1,70 per person per night)
  • Double € 129 per room per day (plus city tax €1,70 per person per night)
  • Parking in the hotel garage €17,50 per day

Registration deadline: Sunday 30th April
Registration fee: € 75
Registration fee after deadline: € 90

The registration fee is to be paid in cash to the organizer upon arrival, the payment for accommodation will be paid directly to the hotel. You may choose to stay in a different hotel if you wish, although note that we do not provide official alternatives and the registration fee (both before and after 30.4.2023) remains the same.


e-mail: ecsc2023@soks.sk, phone: +421 910 912294 (Marek Kolčák), +421 944 050294 (Tomáš Peitl)

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