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Please indicate in the registration form which solving tournaments you intend to participate in. No registration, other than problem submission, is necessary for composing tournaments.

ECSC 2023

The main tournament is the European Chess Solving Championship 2023, organized according to the WCSC rules of the WFCC. ECSC 2023 takes place on the mornings of Saturday, 3rd of June, and Sunday, 4th of June, the results will be announced in the closing ceremony in the afternoon on Sunday, 4th of June.


The Open solving tournament is the second official solving tournament held as part of the ECSC, and is open to all solvers without restrictions. Solvers will solve two rounds of six problems, one from each of the WCSC categories. The Open tournament takes place in the evening of Friday, 2nd of June.

Blind Solving

The blind solving tournament is a rapid-fire tournament in the style of quick solving, where problems are presented one by one on a screen. Unlike in ordinary quick solving, where diagrams are shown, in this tournament problems will be presented in notation only.

The rules:

  1. A total of 10 twomovers will be presented on a screen.
  2. The problems will be displayed one after another, in notation as a list of white and black chess pieces. Chess pieces will be displayed as chess symbols.
  3. Solvers are not allowed to use any kind of chessboard, not even empty or a diagram.
  4. The time to solve each problem is limited to the time the notation is displayed:
      • 3 minutes basic time,
      • 1 minute extended time, simultaneously with the following problem.
  5. Solvers write only the key (as usual for twomovers).
  6. Scoring: correct key = 1 point, wrong key = -0.9 point.


ECSC 2023 Composing Tournament

The official ECSC 2023 Composing Torunament calls for orthodox helpmates in two with successive twins.
The deadline for submissions is 1st of May.

Find all details in the official announcement (PDF, 115kB).

Bedrich Formánek 90

The Slovak Organisation for Chess Composition has announced a jubilee tourney to celebrate the 90th birthday of Bedrich Formánek (born on June 6th 1933) for threemovers composed according to the rules of shatranj (old Arabic chess).
The deadline for submissions is 1st of May.

Find all details in the official announcement on the web site SOKŠ or in pdf file.

Baltic Combined

Conceived by Ilja Ketris for the 13th ECSC in Riga 2017, Baltic Combined is a tournament which will test both composing and solving skills. Every participant must send one original orthodox helpmate in two with only one solution. Retro problems, fairy pieces/conditions and promoted pieces are not allowed. The helpmate should be as difficult as possible to solve (while satisfying standard composing requirements, of course). Every participant will solve all the problems composed by the other participants. One point is awarded for every correctly solved problem, and another point for every participant who does not manage to solve your problem. If there are 15 or fewer participants, there will be only one round-robin group. If there are more participants, the system of the competition will be announced on the 25th of May 2023. If you want to participate, please send your problems by email only to the main judge of the tournament Oto Mihalčo. No separate registration is required. The deadline for submissions is 15th of May 2023.

Problem submission:

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